Fiber Optics

Solutions for single-mode, multi-mode, armored, as well as underground.

Whatever fiber optic cabling is required, WebCom has you covered! By using the highest quality, most advanced fiber optic cables and connecting hardware available, we can ensure the most reliable installation possible. WebCom uses state-of-the-art test equipment to document any fiber installation for attenuation and light impedance.

Businesses are no longer ordering T-1 service for their voice and data networks. Today, businesses are ordering 20, 50, 100, 1000 MEG-A-BIT internet services that run over fiber optic cables. Installing the correct fiber optic cable is confusing and costly, if done incorrectly. WebCom has extensive experience in providing solutions for single-mode, multi-mode, armored, as well as underground.

We have installed fiber optic cabling to connect server rooms to IDF rooms, equipment in labs, as well as wireless networks connecting antennas together over long distances. We have run fiber optic cable horizontally on single floor, vertical on multiple floors, and underground to connect multiple buildings together in a campus environment.

Our stellar reputation among fiber optic contractors is due to the continuous investment we make in training each technician on our staff. There is no job too small or too large. Whether you require one line or one thousand lines, we will do the job efficiently, to spec, and on budget.

Fiber Optic Installation Types

  • Multimode Cable
  • Single Mode Cable
  • FDDI
  • ST/SC Connectors
  • Fiber cabling
  • Premise Data Networks
  • Fiber Optic, Multimode, SC, ST, Indoor
  • Outdoor – Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Multimedia Outlets
  • Wall or Rack Mounted Cabinets

Fiber Optic vs. Copper

The race between Copper and Fiber was won, and the incontrovertible winner is Fiber… Whether for IP streaming video for residential consumers, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for telecommuters, or point-to-point T1 services for businesses, only Fiber Optics can satisfy the wide-ranging needs of an entire community.

Fiber Optic contractors know that the use of a Fiber Optic Network minimizes maintenance expenses because the in Fiber Optic Network signals are not affected by electrical noise. Exempt from FCC-mandated sweeps, fiber reduces operation and maintenance costs for an outside plant. Fiber also drives much longer loops than copper and there is no ongoing plant tuning. Additionally, the Fiber Optic Network has an estimated Interior/Exterior, LAN, WAN, and Plant life of more than 35 years. On the other hand, copper cable is delicate. It only has a 25 pound pulling tension limit and kinks will ruin the high speed performance. With fiber – even though it’s glass fiber – it has more strength and greater tolerance to abuse than copper wire.

Not too many years ago, fiber was a novelty, and there was little fiber optic installation experience in the industry. Copper was the king. In today’s high speed networks the reverse is true. While copper is restricted as far as speed, fiber can look at the very high speed industry future with supreme confidence.

Quality and Integrity

WebCom, Inc. knows that a network infrastructure is the foundation of every corporation, and Designing and Planning are the first steps. From the inception of your project to its completion, we partner with you, your architect, and IT team.

At Webcom a sales engineer will be assigned to every client, and a site survey will be done to determine the status of your existing infrastructure. Next, we will write up a report, design a solution, and implement plan for the project.

How Can We Help? Webcom is always looking to expand. And we would love to see your business expand as well. Whether a small company or a major corporation, Webcom has a plan that can benefit us all. Please contact us today for a free consultation, analysis, estimate and advice. We’d love to help you grow!