Consulting Services

We bridge that gap with full service consultation.

Voice / Data / Video Networks are constantly changing with the introduction of new trends, technologies, and pressures to support new cloud based services. At WebCom, we are experienced in all phases of the planning and designing of network infrastructures. We first start with a site survey of the client’s existing network infrastructure to determine number of users, what type of users they have, and how their voice and data services flow from service providers to servers.

Next, we inventory all equipment in the client’s server room, phone room, and any other equipment that may share the same network connections. Finally, we interview our clients to find out how they are using their network today, and how they would prefer to be using it in the future.

Quality and Integrity

WebCom, Inc. knows that a network infrastructure is the foundation of every corporation, and Designing and Planning are the first steps. From the inception of your project to its completion, we partner with you, your architect, and IT team.

At Webcom a sales engineer will be assigned to every client, and a site survey will be done to determine the status of your existing infrastructure. Next, we will write up a report, design a solution, and implement plan for the project.

How Can We Help? Webcom is always looking to expand. And we would love to see your business expand as well. Whether a small company or a major corporation, Webcom has a plan that can benefit us all. Please contact us today for a free consultation, analysis, estimate and advice. We’d love to help you grow!